The Shining by Stephen King


You either love being sacred or you don’t. I LOVE being scared! I love scary movies! Not the blood and gore types, but the “Hmm, that might just happen if only….” kind of being scared! Stephen King is the master of that kind of scared. I read a lot of his earlier books. When he was in a horrible car accident, I feel his style of writing changed but it his classic books is what I loved the most. This was the third time reading The Shining I read it the first time in high school and then again while I was teaching high school. When I was in Graduate School, I had a great professor who told us if you want to get high school males to read, introduce them to Stephen King so I re-read it. Then the stroke came and I forgot the story! So when I heard that his was writing a sequel, I decided that I needed to re-read it a second time! So here we are.

The story takes place at The Overlook Hotel in Colorado. Jack Torrence has been hired as the caretaker during the closed season from October till May. He brings his wife Wendy and their small child Danny to stay for the winter. And when I say winter, I mean WINTER! Once the snow starts, all the roads are closed, your only communication with the outside world is through a CB radio ( this was written and takes place in the 1970’s), and you see no other humans.

Jack thinks this will be a great opportunity to finish writing his play and get his life together. You see, Jack is an alcoholic with an anger problem. So you might say he is “in between jobs”. When the snow starts, the fun begins!

Jack and Wendy’s son can “shine”. That means that he can read minds, communicate non verbally with other “shiners”, and no what others are doing even when he is not in their company. Those are good traits when the hotel and all the ghosts that live there want to take over your whole family. So Danny has his hands full being a resident of that hotel.

There are enough twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing and if you pay close enough attention, all the pieces fit together to give you a good scare.q

Some trivia for you:
– Stephen King did not like the popular movie that was based on the novel that was made in the 70’s staring Jack Nicholson. That is why he wrote the screenplay for the television mini series that was made in the early 2000’s.
– The 1970’s movie did not have the large garden animals in it, because they didn’t have the technology to do that so Stanley Kubrick used the maze instead.
-King has written a sequel called Doctor Sleep which will be published in 2013. It picks up when Danny is in his 40’s and works as an orderly and tries to help children who “shine” and protect them from an evil society.

After I read that, I will review that!


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