One False Move by Harlan Coben


Harlan Coben is one of my favorite authors. I like both his stand alone books and his Myron Bolitar series. I came across the Bolitar series by accident so the OCD in me had to go back to read the whole series in order. And I am! This is the fifth in the series.

Myron Bolitar was a promising college athlete that was recruited by the Boston Celtics. During his first professional game he received an injury that ended his career. What does an injured athlete do? Become a sports agent. Along the way he collects a cast of unique characters that become his friends who help out each other in sticky situation.

Enter Brenda Slaughter. A college basketball star who is headed to the WNBA as long as her father (her ex agent) doesn’t screw it up. She offers Myron her contract if she can protect her from her father. That would be okay, but her father winds up dead! This leads Myron to the Slaughter’s family past, which includes disappearing parents, wealthy “connected” families and a suicide 20 years ago.

This book is the reason why I like Coben. He makes his characters flesh and blood in a short amount of pages. Sure, they’re flawed, but that what makes them real. The ending will make your jaw drop. Which is a great way to make the ending of a mystery!


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