Honeymoon by James Paterson


I was watching an interview with James Patterson on The Today Show. He stated the Honeymoon was one of his favorite books that he had written. Now I wasn’t sure if I might have read it per stroke or not but since he was releasing a sequel, I thought I better re read it.

I am a huge James Patterson fan and have been for a long time. The plot is good, just a little bit kinky, and his style is to write short chapters, so you can always read it if you are on the road. (I’m a little OCD, so if I start a chapter, then I have to finish it in the same sitting. Oh, like you can?)

This is the story of Nora Sinclair who is desired by every man that she comes in contact with. She has a great interior decorating business and is never in need of wealthy clients. The only thing is that they end up dying. Usually in gruesome after dinner sessions.

Enter FBI agent John O’Hara who goes undercover to look into murders. Or does he? There are so many twists and turns in this book you will never be board. But not so many twists that you won’t be able to keep track of the plot.

This is a fast, quick read, perfect for a vacation or a beach weekend. Sometimes it reminded me of a Lifetime movie, but hey, who doesn’t like a Lifetime movie as a guilty pleasure.

I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to reading the sequel Second Honeymoon.


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